Bleaching Milk with herbal extract 10lb


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Extra Strength Bleaching milk with Herbal Extract of Saponin to drive the Active Ingredients Deep to Dermal Layer. Deactivates Melanin Process, Producing Stable Clear Radiant Skin Color. Natural Bleaching Complex Without Hydroquinone Formulated for People of Color. Intensive Skin Lightening with Stable Whitened Complexion. No Rebound Dispigmentation, Complexion Remains Eventone Upon Discontinuation. MUST USE WITH KOJIC ACID BLEACHING WASH FOR FULL BENEFIT AND FAST RESULT.

Full Ingredients: Deionized water, Kelp, Aloe gel, MSM, Giga white, Sepi white, Alpha arbutin, Beta arbutin, Soybean extract,arbutin extract,Sodium lactate,Pearl powder,Safflower oil,Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, White willow bark, Amino peptide, Vitamin B3, Caviar,Glutathione, saponin extractShea butter,Sweet almond extract,Green tea extract, Alpha arbutin, Foti root extract, Mulberry root extract, Salicylic acid,Optiphen.

PLUS: Proprietary blend of: glycolic acid, undecylenoyl phenylalanine,ellagic acid, pterostilbene, tetrahydrocurcumin, isoflvones,piperlongumine, emblica, Pearl powder,alpha arbutin,beta arbutin, mulberry root extract,Niacinamide,glutathione,natural fruit acid,sodium lactate,alpha, N-acetyl cysteine, licorice root extract, retinoic acid,cetearyl alcohol,Tea saponin extract, sodium hyaluronate,PEG 150.

Size: 10lbs

WARNING: Product is a high concentrate emulsion milk. May be slightly irritating to sensitive skin as the ingredients penetrate the skin. Sensation disappears in one or two seconds. Similar to "Permanent Natural Deep Bleach creme". Has with more ingredients with lower percentages but PNDBC contains less ingredients with higher percentages.

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