Caviar Hydrating Emulsion Cream 1 GAL


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Suitable for all skin types that desire whitening and hydration at the same time. This product contain skin whitening agents and higher concentration of ingredients to speed up the peeling and whitening effect, while hydrating and restoring youthfulness. It helps eliminate wrinkles, fine lines and radiant skin. Perfect for all skin. Has been shown to fight free radical elements. This formula contains 35% caviar concentrate and other antioxidants and skin brightening ingredients at maximum concentration with fast absorption. Product penetrates right deep to the skin as you apply. For faster result, do not dilute. Use as is. If too strong for sensitive skin, then dilute with another non whitening product.

This is a cosmetics product for beauty purpose, Do not use in diagnosing any health conditions. Consult your physician for appropriate treatment of any skin conditions.