Glycolic 30-Kojic 30 Professional Peel -500ml


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A concentrated solution made from 30% glycolic acid, kojic acid,licorice root extract,uva ursi 5% and 5% Vitamic C(Ascorbyl palmitate). and 4% hydroquinone For professional and aesthetic use in whitening the skin and correcting dispigmentation.

This chemical peel may be diluted with 5% distilled water or 10% glycerine before use in sensitive skin. Repack in a 2oz UV protected bottles for reselling. Ph is less than 2.0

Size: 500ml

INCI: Glycolic acid, kojic acid,distilled water,licorice root extract,magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, bearberry extract, Hydroquinone.

Warning: This chemical peel will immensely bleach the skin. Avoid contact with the eye area. Store in cool temperature. Neutralizing solution must be used after treatment to balance the pH of the skin. For leave-in peel, adjust the pH to 3.9. For best result of total new skin, use daily with permanent natural skin whitener w/sunscreen and daily was with any of our bleaching body washes