Acne Prone Facial Gel-$3.12/oz


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This is a cosmetic gel product professionally created to help face pores and provide relief from acne scars and spots. Contains natural ingredients at maximum concentration that may assist with acne and pimples relief.

Note: Use once or twice daily after cleansing with acne facial bar or acne face wash. May be slightly irritating to sensitive skin but irritation disappears within few seconds and with constant use. Apply very small amount of any skin oil to sensitive areas prior to use if the product feels too strong. This product may help clear dark acne spots and skin will appear brighter and healthier. Please do not use this product if skin brightening is not desired. We encourage you to research each ingredients and their uses before purchase.

Do not use this face product in diagnosing any health conditions, but for beauty purpose only. Consult your physician for appropriate treatment of acne skin conditions, for some acne break outs may be due to a medical conditions.