Lactic-Mandelic Acid Peel 40% 1 GAL


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This is the strongest medical peel available for professionals only. Do not purchase this peel if you are not a licensed aestheticial. Contains 10% phenol for instant skin whitening procedures.

Instruction: For the peel: Wear your Glove
Apply any pre-peel solution over the treatment area.
Damp generous amount in cotton ball
Scrub deeply and gently over the discolored area for few seconds or as tolerated.
May apply up to 2 coats if tolerated.
Rinse off immediately or in less than 1munite..
Apply any peel neutralizing agent
Follow up with any non bleaching moisturizing cream, or skin oil.
Repeat the next day: Treat again day 2
Third day: Last treatment.
After the third day, the discoloration disappears.
Do not treat again.

For melasma or resistant areas, repeat treatment after one week and follow the above. If you forgot to wear your gloves, your finger tips will peel as well.