Return Policy

RETURNS: We are a customer service oriented company. We want your use of our products to be the best possible experience you have had in a long time, but due to the nature of our products we do not accept any returns. We do this for quality and sanitation reasons, to make sure that all customers are getting a clean product we can't accept any returns. Since there is no way to determine if the product has been opened or not there is no way we could resell it. By purchasing any skin care product from our lab or website, you agree that these products cannot be returned or refunded. You have researched the product you would like to purchase prior to payment. Sometimes mistakes happen and you order product you didn`t want to, what you`ll do is to reject the parcel upon delivery and the item will be returned to us Undelivered, this way we will issue you 80% refund and 20% restock fee applied to returned product, but once accepted or delivered by the courier service, it cannot be returned. This policy applies to all our products in all websites.
Our products are exclusively for beautifying the skin. Information contained in our products and websites are for informational cosmetics beauty purpose only. Many skin types respond differently to same product, depending on other environmental factors. Because of this variation in skin type, we do not make any guarantee that, what works for one person will work for entire nation. Our products do not cure or prevent any form of disease or skin disorder, are not meant to diagnose or treat any health or skin condition,. Not meant to replace the advice of your healthcare professional. Buyers or users of our products agree that, they understand our products are hygiene cosmetics products, they cannot be used in treating any form of skin disease, they cannot be returned or refunded once shipped out and accepted upon delivery: and Endee cannot be held liable to the effect or results of the products. By buying our products, you`re confirming that you do understand the science of the skin, and that results may vary depending on skin type: That you have read our return policies: and agreed to the terms stated therein.

BEST PRODUCT TO CHOOSE FROM: We do not advice people on what to use on their skin or the type of product to purchase. We list each product ingredients to help users decide on what`s best for them. We are not able to make decisions or advise anyone on what to use. By purchasing our products, you agree that you have researched all our ingredients and know what is best for your skin prior to purchase.

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again soon.