Virgin Coconut Sugar Scrub (USDA Certified Organic) -10LB


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This organic scrub is delicious on the skin. With a perfectly romantic aroma and flawless exfoliating texture that melts into the body, this is truly a delightful body treatment whether at home or spa! The natural glycolic found in sugar allows for the exfoliating power of alpha hydroxy acids. Your skin will thank you with not only being smooth but also nourished with the amazing powers Coconut and Vitamin E.
When using, remember this is an oily scrub, please be careful with use in a shower as your shower floor might get oily causing a slippery surface. Wet your skin thoroughly and scoop a small amount of this deliciousness into your hands. Gently massage the scrub over your skin in circular upward motions. Make sure to rinse well and then pat dry.
INCL:Sucrose [Organic Cane Sugar], Cocos Nucifera [Organic Virgin Coconut] Oil, Tocopherol [Vitamin E] Oil