Whitoxin A Or B Infusional Liquid Emulsion 30ml


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You may indicate which of the B.toxin liquid you wish to receive upon check at under the comment box. The size is 30ml, if you wish to purchase both, then add two of this to your shopping cart. A quick way of accessing both A-toxin and B-toxin form of this product prior to bulk purchase or private label.

Botulinum toxin-like products are processed upon order. Please allow 4 to 5 days before shipping. With regular use, you will experience rejuvenated face lifted appearance with even glow. Deeper lines takes longer time to flatten than fine lines. There will be a slight warn heat sensation upon application from the active toxin. This is normal. Use along with the mask for faster result. Recommended use of the mask is 3 to 4 times per week and recommended use of the serum is twice a day. Visible difference begins after one week in most skin types.

Color: Light sunflowery
Size: 30ml/amber glass bottle