Whitening Peel Booster -1 gallon


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A perfect skin whitening booster for area with dullness. Emergency rescue for people who desire instant skin peel. Apply small amount over a desired area,do not rinse off, follow up with Retinoic acid(Vitamin A serum) for best result and youthful appearance. A must have for people planning wedding, TV shows or any public activity where instant glow and fresh look is desired. This regimen is a leave in, not a rinse off peel as in other peels. Fortified with hyaluronic acid and oligopeptides to plum the skin and fill in the lines. This offers a one in all advantage to all peels.Contains all the ingredients in different peels. May be uses as a bleaching serum of your brand. Not a rinse off peel.Highly potent.

Size: 1 full gallon