Best Sellers Bleaching Pack prior to bulk purchase


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This line of product pack is created for distributors that cater to darker skin clients. Especially those in tropical countries.
This pack features our best sellers in whitening skin care, all you need to establish a successful skin care product lines. This pack saves you time of surfing the entire website trying to figure out which one product is best for your business. It offers you the opportunity of repackaging each line in very small quantities as a market trial prior to bulk purchase or private label.

The pack includes 16oz of:

1. Skin Whitening Milk
2.. High Potency Bleaching Oil-Extra Strength
3. Permanent Demelanizing Serum for Color
4. Melanin Blocker & Deactivating Serum
5. Permanent Deep Bleach cream for color-Extra Strength
6. Whiteskin Essential Skin Whitening Jumpstarter
7. Kojic Acid Body Bleaching Wash
8. Bleaching Powder Wash
9. Glycolic/ Mandelic peel cream
10. Hydrating & bleaching Facial Cleanser
11.Deer Antler Velvet Extract IGF