Lactic Acid Peel 30% Gallon 9.5lbs


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Triple strength lactic acid peel fortified with licorice extract, white willow bark(salicylic acid) for acne help and hydroquinone 4% for hyperpigmentation.
Effective peel use for acnes and pigments. Derived from milk acid with a strong ability to penetrate the skin providing mild skin exfoliation and peel.

INCI: Distilled water, Lactic acid 50%,Vegetable Glycerin, Apha arbutin, Licorice root extract, White willow bark extract, Hydroquinone, Capryl glycol

PH less than 1.0. Store in room temperature. Neutralizing solution may be used after use to balance the pH of the skin.

The 50% strength is for professional use only. Request 30% made for you if you desire lower strength for direct resell. Price is same.

Color: Not a clear peel due to other ingredients added.

Size: 1 full Gallon/9.5lbs