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This tetrapeptide regulates fibrillogenesis and the growth of collagen fibrils, improving skin cohesion for a more resilient and flexible appearance.

It mimics the sequences of decorin, a small proteoglycan that binds to collagen fibers. It controls the diameter of the fibers, offering more consistency, and regulates fibrillogenesis to soften the skin.

Fortified with lipomoist series of ingredients. A Moisturizing monolayer functional films which confer a pleasant feeling to the skin while acting as a delivery system so it helps to a more efficient penetration of active ingredients into the skin.

It forms an occlusive and continuous film for a greater contact surface with the skin. With an inherent moisturizing effect, the film spreads very well on the skin and is easily absorbed, thus it contributes to minimizing the transepidermal water loss thus promotes healing in expedited fashion.

Other ingredients includes: Vitamin A oil, Shea butter, helichrysum oil and neem.

Suitable for: Bites, dry skin, excema, itchy flaky skin

Size: 4oz